This is the stuff that your crafting dreams are made of! Our soft fine mesh tulle can be used in a number of crafting projects. Wholesale Girls tulle is a popular material for making tulle puffs and adding layers to your headband, flower clip and hair accessory DIY project. In addition our tulle 100 yard spools are ideal for wedding favors and decorations. We offer a wide range of colors so that you can coordinate to your wedding, holiday and crafting theme.

Our wholesale tulle is a delicate material can be cut into circles or squares and stitched to make wedding favors filled with yummy candy. You can also use these to create those and swags of tool to decorate aisles or reception venues.

Our tulle comes in generous roles for your reseller and crafting needs.  Choose from six popular colors including brown, white, pink, and black. For extra fun we've also included red and lime green so you can really go for a unique look with your crafting projects.

Tulle is a versatile crafting fabric. It's delicate, light and airy look makes this a perfect choice for adding a romantic touch to clothing or accessories. For a heftier look you can fold over this fabric double or triple time.

It is really easy to create beautiful decorations with this fabric by tying it into a bow and embellishing with coordinating rhinestones, feathers, embellishments, flowers or other accents.

We can really use this fabric so many creative ways for our favorite look is layered and gathered to create a beautiful Tutu. You should definitely experiment with this fabric in your sewing and craft projects to create a number of innovative looks.

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