Styrofoam Heads

Styrofoam Heads

White Styrofoam child size heads. No one knows your merchandising needs better than you do.  Depending on the type of store you own you may choose to focus on hats, hair accessories, scarves or other items that only require a head display.

Our Styrofoam Mannequin Head Forms are perfect for highlighting all of your clothing accessories.  Order one of our display heads for from this selection of low cost display heads.  Our Styrofoam head forms have life like features and true to life proportions.

These lightweight displays are perfect for displaying slat walls to really showcase headwear, sunglasses, scarves or jewelry. You can even get creative and display a week on top of these head forms to also showcase hair accessories.

Our wholesale prices offer unbelievable value for your merchandising options.

Do you knit? Then give your work its proper place when you photograph and display your look of art. You can use these foam to properly fit and display your headwear or scarves.

You can give your infant apparel and accessories display a true representation with our infant Styrofoam head display.  These are lightweight displays with a life like expression.

Our child mannequin head is the proper way to display and merchandise for children’s accessories.  Show off your headbands and bring out your knit hats.  This is how you put the focus on the product!

You’ll want to be sure and check out all of the great supplies we have for all of your crafty creations, from glue guns to tulle, we’ve got the right supplies for all of your inspirations.

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