Low Temp Cool Tool Cordless Glue Gun

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This ultra low temp. cordless battery powered mini glue gun is safe, fast and portable. With a running temperature 75° cooler then existing low temp glue guns on the market, this gun is fingertip friendly and won’t cause burns. At 6 volts and running on 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. This true cordless technology allows you the freedom to take the GLUE GUN to the project without being hindered by a cord.

The Cool Tool also features a Power On indicator light with a convenient On/Off switch on the handle. The Cool Tool is the perfect glue gun for kids ages 8 and up, including scout troops, school groups, aging adults, nursing homes, shelter workshops, and more.

*For longer running time we recommend you use rechargeable batteries. 
**Use only Ultra Low Temp CoolGlue MiniSize glue sticks with this gun.


- 6 volts of battery power using alkaline or rechargeable batteries
- Ultra low temp. brings instant gluing at a safer temperature
- Heats for more than 120 minutes on fully-charged batteries
- Great for school projects, scouts, nursing homes, crafters, and more.
- Uses specially formulated Ultra Low Temp Cool Glue Only

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