Craft Glue and Glue Accessories

Craft Glue and Glue Accessories

You can’t have a glue gun without the glue sticks!  Be sure to pick up a few bags of these staples to keep on hand because you never know when crafty inspiration may hit you.

Our hot glue sticks are sold at a wholesale price for a pack of 24 or individually.  Hot glue sticks are always in demand for crafters.  Our ultimate hot glue sticks can be used for all temperatures and provides a superior bond for fabric, metal and glass. 

Let your imagination run free when you work with a hot glue gun and glue sticks.  The craft projects are just endless.  You can dress up a plain wooden frame by adding dots of glue or personalizing with a name.  After the glue dries you can paint it in coordinating colors. 

If you want to ensure that your craft items have a sure and sturdy bond a hot glue gun is the way to go.  The hot glue is melted by the heated element inside of the glue gun and is only released when you pull the trigger.

Glue is placed exactly where you want it to go.  You control the amount of glue and the location of the glue.  When the glue dries it creates a hard and sturdy bond.

Lower temperature glue guns are perfect for more delicate projects, such as gluing on balloons, ribbon, lace, and children's crafts.  Our glue sticks will work in low or high temp guns. 

These glue sticks are what you need to create items from all the wonderful things you see here on Wholesale Girls.

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