French Clips

French Clips

These French clips speak the language of creativity.  Our satin lined French hair clips are sold by the dozen so that you can keep plenty on hand for your little girl, tween, teen or yourself. 

We’ve lined shiny silky satin in a bright array of colors to our metal French clips.  This base clips are beautiful on their own, or as a base for a spectacular craft project. 

You can really dress these plain French hair clips up with a number of shiny embellishments.  Of course you can use feathers and flowers to make this a special hair piece or you can get creative with sequin, our handmade flowers, or ribbons.

With all of these great colors you can choose to keep these hair clips as is.  Wear a few of them to add a rainbow of color into your little girl’s braids.  Dress up those pigtails with one or two colors that match your little girl’s outfits.

These are unbeatable wholesale prices for French clips that simply make sense for your store’s bottom line.  Seven bright and popular colors cover give you a rainbow of options to mix and match colors.     

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