Elastic by the Yard - FOE

Elastic by the Yard - FOE

Give yourself some stretch goals this year and fix your sights on making extra special craft projects with our elastic by the yard.  Wholesale Girls is a crafters dream, offering all of the supplies and embellishments one would need to create something truly amazing.

Our elastic by the yard is a true value.  One full yard of high quality elastic can help you create endless projects.  Use our colorful elastic to create stunning headbands.  Embellish a plain elastic band with a bow or rhinestones for a one of a kind look.  With the great colors and prints we have available, you can also leave these items plain for everyday wear. 

We’ve got some many bright colors to choose from.  You can use this elastic as beautiful trim.  You might already have a project in mind or just need some on hand as a basic add in to your crafting tools.    

Our black, brown and pink solid elastic bands are always popular colors, but we’ve got some many to choose from.  We also have elastic in fun prints like pink camo, pink leopard, traditional leopard print and zebra.

You can have so much fun with these colors.  If you sew, then you know how versatile elastic is to your bag of goodies.  Even a novice crafter or sewer can make a great looking skirt with a gathered waist using our beautiful elastic.

If you are in need of some inspiration, check out our blog where we offer how to video’s and tutorials on lots of great craft projects.  You can also take a look through our Little Girl Mart store to see some of the wonderful creations we’ve made.

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