Gift Bags and Tissue Paper Sheets

Gift Bags and Tissue Paper Sheets

Decorative Designer Gift Bags

Gifts are a thoughful and meaningful addition to many holidays, events and traditions. Special gatherings such as birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers, housewarming parties, and baby showers call for a gift of some sort. Whether you are a creative gift-giver, last-minute gift-giver, or extravagant gift-giver, there is no present that cannot be made better with a charming gift bag to put it in.

Everything about these gift bags speak to good quality, such as:

Beautiful Designer Gift Bags
Matching Rope Handles
Plastic Hang Tag - Pegable
Attached Gift Tag
Reinforced Bottoms

Our Safari bags measure 13”x 18”x 5.5” (Jumbo), have plastic hang tags, and a matte finish.
When you order the Safari bags you will receive 12 (6 of each style).
Our Fusion bags measure 7”x 9”x 3.75” (medium) and have a glossy finish. The fun patterns include zig-zags, wavy stripes, and multicolored spots. When you order these bags, you will receive 12 (with 3 assorted styles).

We have an assortment of styles that fit a variety of occasions. The wildly fun zebra and giraffe prints of the Safari bags might be the perfect thing for a themed birthday party, and the zany colors and patterns of the Fusion set would be perfect for kids and adults alike!
Our gift bags are
  • unique
  • fun
  • high quality
  • imaginative
  • versatile
  • colorful
  • easy
  • inexpensive
  • practical
  • expressive
  • for both boys and girls
  • for both children and adults
  • perfect for every gift
  • suitable for every occasion
The gift bag as we know it was introduced in the latter half of the 1900s. They have been the #1 way that people choose to present gifts since 2002, and it’s no wonder why!  The benefits of using gift bags are amazing, the most obvious of which being how easy they are. If a gift is particularly tricky to wrap, a nice gift bag is a life saver. They support a healthier environment as well, compared to wrapping paper. Unlike wrapping paper, quality gift bags can be re-gifted, and less waste is a gift that keeps on giving. Gift bags take the stress out of presenting gifts, making sure that the occasion is fun for everyone.

When giving a gift, presentation is just as important as the gift itself. There is no better way to show someone you care, than paying extra attention to the little things. Luckily, all you have to do to put a present in a gift bag is wrap it gently with tissue paper, add a sentimental card, and put it in a bag! And with a bag as cute as ours, you have yourself a present that won’t fail.

Happy Gifting!
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