Lavender Crochet Headband with Tiny Bow By the Dozen

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Introducing a new addition to a classic well loved favorite, our CROCHET EMBELLISHED HEADBAND. 1.5 INCH CROCHET HEADBANDS WHOLESALE are the ultimate bulk crochet headbands for multipurpose use.  These super soft & stretchy cotton blend girls crochet headbands are ready to wear for everyday use! Now with a built in crochet embellished bow! This no muss no fuss headband is ready to wear, no addition clips of accessories needed!  The waffle design allows for a great amount of stretch and flexibility, but the elastic in this high quality headband will keep snug on her head.  The featured 1.5" tightly crocheted bow embellishment is a sweet solid lavender!




Size options


·         One size fits all

Approximate sizes


·         1.5" W x 6" L (unstretched)

Recommended ages


·         Toddler 3+

·         Teen / Adult

- Sold Individually


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