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Adorably soft and colorful, BABY KUFI HATS AND GIRLS CROCHET KUFI HATS offer an affordable way to have a different hat to wear each and every day for several weeks. Since kufi hats are available in solid colors, it is easy to match them with whatever color you are wearing. From basic black to sparkling white and every color in between, our kufi hats offer style and pizzazz!

With a kufi hat’s one-size-fits-all-infants or one-size-fits-youth-to-adults feature, you never need to worry about whether or not one of them is going to fit. The stretchiness of kufi hats allows them to stay on tightly or to expand slightly for a snugger fit. In fact, there is so much give and take with kufi hats because of their knitted nature that you can stuff long hair up underneath the hat if you want to do so.

Protecting your little girl’s head from drafts and chilly air, our kufi hats are easy to stuff in a purse, backpack, or coat pocket until they are needed. Decorating kufi hats with embellishments of all kinds is simple if you use an alligator clip or hot glue gun. Try it and find out for yourself just how much fun kufi hats really are!

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