Baby Sun Hats

Baby Sun Hats

Wholesale Baby Sun Hats

Available for purchase at wholesale prices, our cute, adorable sun hats are sized for infants. Perfect for embroidering, silk screen, adding embellishments and flowers. They are sold in four delightful colors including pastel pink, pale blue, pure white, and a black-and-white zebra print. Buy the pink sun hat and never have anyone call your little girl a boy (he’s so cute) again! Of course, you can simply buy the pink sun hat because you love the color of pink. The pale blue color is perfect for boys, while the white sun hat is perfect for all infants to wear.

Our adorable infant sun hats feature a convenient chin strap that helps to hold them securely on your child’s head in order to deliver full protection from the harsher elements of nature. In fact, these sun hats offer three adjustable snaps on their chin straps for convenient fastening. These sun hats are made from 100 % cotton, so they are soft while being perfectly user friendly.

For an added touch of attractiveness, why not consider sewing or gluing on a few colorful appliqués, floral accents, or rhinestones? Not only will you dress up the sun hat, but you will also add a touch of fancy to your child’s outfit.

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