Wholesale Bows

Wholesale Bows

Hair Bows for girls, Baby Bows, Bulk Hair Bows, and Wholesale Hair Bows

Wholesale Girls offers a large selection of cute, colorful Wholesale Hair Bows and Baby Bows.

Our wholesale hair bows are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Our categories of bows include: Animal Print, Boutique, Initial, Korker, Mini Hair Bow, Mini Korker Hair Clips, Polka Dot, Princess Puff Bow Hair Clip, Solid, and Velvet. The majority of our bows are available with or without clip. 

Offering all kinds of wholesale hair bows for girls, discount hair bow supplies and cute hair bows including chunky hair bows, grosgrain hair bows, animal print bows, boutique bows, initial bows, korker bows, polka dot bows, solid color bows, and velvet bows. We sell hair bows with clips and without them, giving our customers the opportunity to use our hair bows in a straightforward manner as a hair accessory or to attach them to clothing, footwear, and bags of all types using a simple bit of glue.

Carrying a wide assortment of hairdo styles (boutique bows, initial bows, korker bows), our online shop provides an amazing array of patterns and colors (polka dot, solid color, holiday prints, animal prints). Wholesale Girls has exactly what you need and offers korker bows, initial bows, velvet bows, polka dot bows, and boutique bows in different sizes and styles.

Soft and sweet, innocent and cute, our fashionable hair bows add to your little girl’s precious look. You can always find a unique hairdo for that special occasion at Wholesale Girls. Shop now and take advantage of our incredible prices, so you can get that extra splash of color to complement your fashion ensemble. Hair bows are one of the most versatile hair accessories that you can buy today. You can combine them with a fancy or plain hairstyle, place them in pairs, and trade them with friends.

Our customers can feel confident when they shop at Wholesale Girls. We provide quality hair accessories including hair bows, headbands, and hats for all of your baby, toddler, and adult needs, selling them at affordable prices. Whether you are searching for a dressy look for your little girl or you are in need of a simple yet beautiful hairdo for everyday use, we offer an extensive line of quality hair bows at wholesale prices in beautiful prints and patterns and made from quality grosgrain ribbons.

Shop at Wholesale Girls at find colorful and cute wholesale hair bows at low prices you can afford! We offer an amazing selection of wholesale hair bows with and without clip that are perfect for so many occasions. 


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