Korker with Clip

Korker with Clip

Korker Hair Bow Clips Wholesale, CURLY RIBBON HAIR BOW WITH CLIP

Stop on by for a great selection of korker bows with clips. Also known as: Korker Ribbon Bows, Curly Korker Hair Bows, Curly Q Bow Clip and Corkscrew Hair Bows. All of our wholesale korker hair bows with clips are crafted from quality grosgrain ribbon in attractive colors and prints. These curly little doodads deliver the right touch of style and pizazz for any festive occasion.

Try our bright orange-and-black Halloween Korker Bow for parties throughout the month of October. This colorful bow makes the perfect accent for costumes too!

Our 4th of July Holiday Korker Bow with clip sends a strong patriotic message with its vibrant array of curly red, white, and blue ribbons. What better way to decorate a hairstyle than with the large and colorful medley of ribbons featured in this korker bow? Each one has an attached clip for ease of attachment.

Our Pink Camo Korker Bow offers a brilliant display of feminine prints featuring pink, gray, white, and black colors in a camouflage print. It’s perfect when you or your little one is feeling a bit adventurous, but need to secure curly locks of hair from getting into the eyes.

Our korker bow collection featuring many different color combinations is perfect for little girls who enjoy dressing up. Each one offers a medley of curly ribbons bursting with brilliant color.

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