Handmade Fabric Flowers

Handmade Fabric Flowers


Welcome to a colorful selection of gorgeous blooms that you can wear all year long! Wholesale Girls has handmade fabric flowers to delight, bedazzle, and beautify you in so many different ways and with an amazing selection of great looking blossoms. Not only are these stylishly crafted handmade fabric flowers perfect for casual wear, but they are so pretty that your little girl will love to wear them for all sorts of special occasions. Try one or try all of our handmade fabric flowers and spice up your little girl’s wardrobe at a moment’s notice!

What Styles of Handmade Fabric Flowers does Wholesale Girls Have to Offer?

  • 3.5-inch Jeweled Center Handmade Fabric Flower (8 colors)
  • Bachelor Button (3 colors)
  • Pearl Center Flower
  • Sequin and Ribbon Embroidered Organza Dahlia
  • Sequin Center Flower
  • Sequin Cluster Stone Center Flower
  • Silk Dahlia Handmade Flower

With our incredible selection of beautiful Handmade Fabric Flowers, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you have artistic talent. These gorgeous blooms are ready to wear and all you need to do is attach them to a lined clip, headband, or crochet hat with a tiny bit of hot craft glue.

Little girls love dressing up in fancy clothes, pretty shoes, and adorable hair accessories. It is part of the thrill associated with being a little girl. Unfortunately, little girls often change their minds on their favorite colors to wear, their favorite styles, and more. It often becomes a battle of the wills for moms to get their little girls to wear the clothes and hair accessories that they already own. Moms are left with the choice of either buying new hair accessories and clothes or finding a way to get their daughters to wear the ones they already own.

Fortunately, you have an inexpensive option you can use instead of purchasing lots of expensive hair accessories for your little princesses. Homemade hair accessories are easy to make, inexpensive, and fun. Instead of buying a lot of ready-made hair accessories, use some of these tips to create lots of spectacular, eye-appealing hair accessories for your daughter as well as for yourself. In fact, once she is old enough, this is a fun activity that the two of you can share while bonding as mot



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