Wholesale Flowers

Wholesale Flowers


Welcome to Wholesale Girls and our huge selection of the finest wholesale flower heads! Offering a colorful array of DAISY FLOWER HEADS, artificial flower heads, large flower heads, silk daisies, roses, and lilies, we provide exactly what you need to dress up your daughter’s kufi hat or crochet headband! Wholesale Girls offers incredibly low prices on all of our adorable Flowerheads, making it possible for you to find exactly what you need to dress up your little girl’s wardrobe.

Flower heads, Artificial flowers and stemless flowers are one of those attractive adornments that are amazingly versatile. Inexpensive to purchase and easy to attach, handmade fabric flowers and sequined flowers offer a nice touch of color with a classy look. Plus, they offer a durability that real flwoers cannot.

No matter what adjective you use to describe sequined flowers- georgous, beautiful, or attractive, you will discover just how durable they are once you begin to place them on anything and everything from crochet kufi hats to headbands to bows that are menat to spruce up and already attractive favorite.

Perfect for tots and teen, flower heads can be attached with alligator clips htat offer a secure fit. There is very little fuss or muss when using flowers for headbands or crochet hats. From Zebra stripe roses to Gerbera Daisies to mini-rose to tropical flowers  to sparkling mums, the choices are so varied, that you can use artificial flowers to add abit of color and pizzazz to your little one's accessories as well as your own. Every home and boutique can have a favorite color or design all of her own!

Use flower heads for crafting for profit! Wholesale Girls sells a generous five inch diameter to a smaller two inch size flower heads that are perfect for floral decorations for headbands, hats, alligator clips and brooches. In fact, you can even find the perfect assortment of assorted flowerheads that you can use in your own unique and colorful manner to express your style and talent!

What does Wholesale Girls have to offer in FLOWERHEADS?

  • Animal Print Daisies
  • Silk Roses
  • Glitter Water Lilies
  • 5-inch Zebra Print and Leopard Print Gerbera Daisies
  • Open Rose Blooms
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Two Tone Sssortments
  • Spider Daisies
  • Polka Dot Daisies
  • Camouflage Flower Heads in both Pink and Green Options
  • Flowers with Crystals
  • Animal Print Flowers
  • Tie Dye Flowers, both Raibow Dye and Pastel Dye
  • Tropical Galore!
  • Handmade Fabric Flowers that add a special touch of class
  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Rosettes -Chiffon Rosettes and Satin Rosettes

Our whimsical collection of Animal Print Daisies includes Zebra, Leopard, and Snow Leopard prints in adorable color combinations that sparkle with fashionable style!

Our Silk Roses are available in three great colors and come with a flat backing, making them easy to attach with a bit of hot glue.

For a fuller blossom, try one of our attractive Open Rose Blooms!

Featured in five attractive colors, our dramatic Glitter Water Lilies are five full inches in diameter, allowing you to make a fashion statement that generates elegance.

Featuring Zebra, Leopard, and Snow Leopard prints, our 5-inch Zebra Print and Leopard Print Gerbera Daisies dish up a great look with dazzling color combinations.

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