Wholesale Fabric Flowers

Wholesale Girls offers a large selection of Wholesale Fabric Flowers that is one of the most attractive and affordable collections available online! 

Our wholesale flowers and flower heads are sold in an assortment of styles, shapes, and colors. Sold singly, by the dozen, or even in pairs, our flowers encompass the meaning of attractiveness, versatility, affordability and style!

From hair bows to headbands to knit hats to tutus, adding decorative accents is part of creating a sense of personal style. Here at Wholesale Girls, we fully understand the importance of adding fashionable embellishments to hair accessories, tote bags, tutus, and more in order to enhance the beauty of an existing item. We sell an eclectic assortment of adorable fashion accents feather flowers, flowers with clips, handmade fabric flowers, and silk flower heads.

For a soft, glittery touch of fashion, Wholesale Girls features an array of adorable feather flowers in several different colors. Sporting a crystal center, each feather flower has a flat back, offering an easy means of attaching it to a stylish headband, knit hat, or tutu waistband.

An attractive assortment of selection of flowers with clips is also available in the flowers and embellishment section of Wholesale Girls. Not only can the flowers with clips be attached directly to the hair, but they can also be slipped onto headbands and crochet hats for a decorative look.

If you are searching for handmade fabric flowers, then you probably know that you have lots to choose from regarding styles and sizes. Wholesale Girls flowers  section includes pearl center flowers, silk dahlia handmade flowers, sequin cluster stone center flowers, sequin center flower, 6-stone jeweled center handmade fabric flowers, and 3.5-inch jeweled center handmade fabric flowers. They are cute, stylish, and 100% handmade.

If you love daisies, roses, and lilies, then you are simply going to fall in love with our silk flower heads. Their attractive styles and patterns offer a terrific way to add an extra touch of color or style to any outfit. We sell animal print daisies, glitter water lilies, silk roses, open silk blooms, and 5-inch zebra print and leopard print Gerbera daisies. 

Shop at Wholesale Girls and find flowers and flower heads at a low, affordable price. Our wide assortment of flowers are perfect for every occasion, craft, or business! 



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