Ballet Buns

Ballet Buns

Don't stress about styling a perfect ballerina bun! Follow these simple steps to see how quick and easy it really is!

Step 1 Determine your hair type for your hair bun

  • Fine Hair – Work with clean, dry hair. If your hair is fine, thin hair that shows oil, it’s best to start with clean, dry hair.
  • Medium to Thick Hair – Work with hair that has been washed the night before or a little dirty so the hair is easier to style. It will not show oil like fine thin hair.
  • Curly Hair –  Slightly wet or hair, or blowout your hair to easily shape your bun.

Step 2 Use Hair Bun Tools

Creating the perfect hair bun means you should use proper tools. Having the right tools and accessories make it easy to create your ballet hair bun. The table below lists the tools used to create a classic style hair bun and a description of each. You can easily find all of these items right here at Wholesale Girls. Follow the links below to take you directly to the product page.

Hair Bun Tools

Hair Bun Descriptions

Comb and Hair Brush Comb - You will need to make a center part with your hair, so choose a comb that works best for your hair type, same with a Brush - you will need to make sure there are no knots in your hair and smooth out your ponytail, so choose a brush or brushes that work best for your hair type
Hair Styling Donut Wholesale Girls has the right size and color hair donut for you! Offering small, medium and large sizes in light, medium and dark color options will guarantee a perfect fit. Quick and easy to shape the hair, hold the foam sponge in place, and add volume to thin hair. Foam donuts come in 3 sizes, you can create an extra-large bun or just add a bit of volume. Pull the hair through the center of the donut, wrap the hair around the donut to cover it, then tie the hair in place with bobby pins.
Hair Bands Circular elastic bands that hold hair in place, check out our entire selection
Flower Hair Clips, Hair Bows, Hair Accessories Wholesale Girls offers a wide selection of Flower Hair Clips, Hair Bows, Hair Accessories including Halos to Accessorize Your Hair Bun!
Ballet Bun Covers and Hair Nets Keep your bun nice and tidy with a ballet bun. A perfect addition to your dance class or performance ballet bun! Wholesale Girls bun covers features, net, lace and sparkly rhinestones that are available in several colors and will compliment almost any hair color.
A ballerina's must have's - Hair Bun Tools such as the elastic hair bands, foam sponge donut, allow us to create a ballerina bun in a matter of seconds. Then accessorize with your choice of Flower Hair Clips, Hair Bows and other Hair Accessories at Wholesale Girls. Giving you the style you are looking for! Ballerina’s, don’t forget the Ballet Bun Covers!

Step 3 Create the Classic Bun

Classic buns are timeless and are also referred to a ballerina bun. Follow these two different guides to create a simple hair bun that will last.
  1. Create your basic ponytail by brushing your hair tightly into a high ponytail, then secure the hair with an elastic ponytail band. Twist the hair together around and around making a rope. Take the twisted hair rope and tie a simple knot at the back of the head, take the remaining hair and wrap around the ponytail elastic band until all the hair is in place. You will want to tuck the ends of the hair into the ponytail base for a nice, neat and tidy look. Secure with bobby pins. The bun will sit firmly against the middle back of the head.
  1. Using your comb, make a center part with your hair. Start at the forehead and go to the crown of the head. Then split the hair into three sections, parting the hair from the top of the head down to the right ear and again for the left side, part the hair from the top of the head down to the left ear. Using only the section of the hair from the back part, create a ponytail high on the head. Make sure the ponytail is tight. Grab bobby pins and pin the remaining hair back to join the ponytail. Twist the hair together and wrap around the elastic band. Use bobby pins to set the shape of the bun.

Step 4 Accessorize Your Hair Buns with Accessories

At last, now it’s time to accessorize your updo hair bun and make it stylish or fit for ballet class or performance. Look for hair bun accessories and consider their purpose. Wholesale Girls offers a wide selection of fabulous and attractive hair accessories that go over the bun to hold the hair together and clip to the hair bun to create an attractive look. Hair Clips feature various colors, styles, fabrics and prints. Wholesale Girls hair accessories and hair clips for buns can be found in the form of flowers, feathers, hair bows and other fun and exciting accessories. Girls can wear them with any size of buns!

Find Hair Bun Tools and Hair Accessories for Ballet Buns or Every Day Buns at Wholesale Girls!

Look no further! You can shop right here at Wholesale Girls for fabulous deals on hair bun accessories. It's easy, follow the links listed in the above graph or search the name of the product you are looking for in our easy to use search box on any Wholesale Girls page. Hair buns are a timeless hair style that are classic to ballet. Whether you or your little girl has short, long, straight, or curly hair, a ballerina bun is an easy hairstyle to accomplish for all. A bun can be achieved quickly and easily with bun tools including elastic bands, foam sponge hair donuts, bun covers and nets and bobby bins.  Accessorizing with flower hair clips, hair bows, halos, headbands or wraps encourages girls to coordinate their beautiful hair style with their outfits. The styling potential for ballet buns is limitless; have fun using the right hair bun tools and hair accessories. Whether you are considering a ballerina hair bun or an everyday hair bun, Wholesale Girls has a nice assortment to choose from.
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