Neck and Bow Ties

Neck and Bow Ties

Pet Neckties and Bow Ties

PAWS offers a large selection of quality Pet Neckties and Bow Ties that is one of the most adorable and affordable collections available online!

Your cat or dog will look top notch cute in a new bow or straight neck tie! Soft cotton and light weight neck collars make for a comfortable fit for your pet. These wholesale neck ties are all appropriate for boy and girl cats or dogs! So whatever your companion choice, they will love walking down the street in their new style when everyone that sees them stops to take their picture.

Make your pet popular in the neighborhood with an adorable bow tie! We offer pet bow ties for all occasions and events. 

Are you taking your dog to this year's Christmas party? Help him express his Christmas spirit with one of our multiple options for Christmas bow ties for pets. 

Wholesale Pet Bow Ties With a Bell

A cat in a bow tie makes everyone smile! Your cat will get even more of the constant attention he wants when he's also making a bell ring with each prancing step. Cats often have a little bell hanging from their collar. 

Shop at PAWS and find where pet fashion meets low wholesale prices! You will love the variety you find and the low prices that let you save!

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