Glow in the Dark Glue

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Glow in the Dark Glue

Use this hot glue stick to add a little extra fun to your craft projects! These GLOW IN THE DARK GLUE STICKS can be used to bond many different materials like wood, glass, fabric, and foam in just 20 seconds! Just pop one in your favorite glue gun and get to crafting! These hot glue sticks will act just like any other until you reactivate them with light and see them glow! Write out special messages on pictures, posters, or add to the center of a flower for a special treat when the light turns off!

Use this product with one of our Glue Guns for all your craft projects!

Color options

  • One color

Size options

  • One size

Approximate sizes

  • 4” L x .28” W
  • 15 sticks

-Packs sold individually

Create a unique bouquet of 4 Inch Silk Rose Heads by adding some of this glue to their centers for a glow effect when the lights are low or trim the edges of the roses with it. 

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