Glitter Glue

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Glitter Glue

Add sparkle to your crafts with our GLITTER GLUE! These multi temp glue sticks are perfect for adding a little something special to your projects. Just like most glue sticks they can bond wood, glass, florals, fabric, foam, and metals in just 20 seconds! These glue gun craft sticks are multi-temp so you can use them on a high or low temp glue gun!

Use this product with one of our Glue Guns for all your craft projects!

Color options

  • 3 sticks each of: green, blue, red, gold, white, and silver.

Size options

  • One size

Approximate sizes

  • 4” L x .28” W
  • 18 sticks

-Packs sold individually

Make fun crafts with your kids by adding glittery accents to their art or trim the edges of hair bows like our Large Chunky Hair Bows with Clip for a unique touch of your own design!

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