Crafters Gift Pack Glue and Gun Set

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Crafters Gift Pack Glue and Gun Set

Inspire yourself or others to create glue gun crafts  and more with our CRAFTERS GIFT PACK GLUE AND GUN SET! You get all you need to get started on your own DIY projects for home, school, or the office. The set includes a Project Pro High Temp Glue Gun, 10 Mini Size Multi Temp Glue sticks, and Crafter’s Tape.

Don’t forget when you’re in need you can get tape refills and more glue sticks!

Approximate sizes

  • Glue gun: 5” L x 5.5” W (top with nozzle), Handle 1.5”
  • Glue Sticks: 4” L x .28”
  • Crafters Tape: 3.5” L x 2” W

-Sold as a set

Glue an Ostrich Feather Puff onto a crochet headband for a DIY headband of your own design! 

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