Childrens Wood Hangers - Green Bear

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Childrens Wood Hangers - Green Bear

 These boutique clothes hangers are just right for displaying all of your toddler’s onesies, dresses, and jackets.  This hanger is sturdy, lightweight and painted a base green with a pattern of gray leaves and swirls.  A sweet wooden bear is placed below the metal hook to make his hanger not only practical but cute too! Give your girl's clothes the attention they deserve by hanging them on this adorable wooden baby hanger. These WOODEN BOUTIQUE HANGERS are an amazing wholesale value, sold individually so buy as little or as much as you need!  


Approximate Dimensions

11" length x 3.5" height x 0.5" width

Metal hanger hook - 3.5" long


Sold individually.

Is your baby or toddlers room themed? Incorporate these hangers to complement the existing theme or further the organization of your child’s closet by matching clothing colors to these wood hangers!

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