3 inch Lined Clip - Dozen Pack

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3 inch Lined Clip - Dozen Pack

Big and beautiful,  we are proud to offer 3 inch grosgrain ribbon lined alligator clips.  These clips are large and sturdy and a great supply for making your own hair or floral accessories.  Excellent quality grosgrain ribbon partially lines an alligator clip with teeth making this clip a great choice for heavy headpieces or thick hair.  Ready to wear on its own to attach it to feather, flowers or bows.  Available in popular colors,  these are a great staple to add to your crafting closet.

Enjoy all new, lower pricing! 

Color options

  • 8 colors available

 Size options

  • One size

Approximate sizes

  • 3" L x 3/8" W

Recommended ages

  • Infant 0-12 months
  • Toddler 1-3 years
  • Teen / Adult

-Sold by the dozen

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