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LACE HEADBANDS! Lots of gorgeous wholesale infant headbands are available right now for purchase here at Wholesale Girls! We sell both 2-inch Stretch Lace Interchangeable Headband and a standard lace headband. They would make a great addition to any collection of hair accessories, even if you already own a few stylish cheap baby headbands.

Our 2-inch Stretch Lace Interchangeable Headbands are a dainty headband and yet they offer durability and functionality at the same time. Fashioned with an attractive accent (a grosgrain ribbon loop that is interchangeable), these WHOLESALE BABY HEADBANDS are stylish enough to wear on any occasion. Use the interchangeable ribbon loop to attach a gorgeous accent of your own such as a silk flowerhead or other headband supplies. Available in a one-size-fits-all size that is created with their super stretchy material, our 2-inch stretch lace interchangeable headbands can be worn by both mothers and daughters alike.

Our standard lace headband is featured in many different colors, so there are skinny headbands wholesale for everyone! Stretchy, delicate, and feminine, our lace headbands are perfectly suitable to be worn as is or you can dress them up with a few crystal embellishments that glitter in the sunlight.


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