1 Inch Crochet Headband Light Blue

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1 Inch Crochet Headband Light Blue

Quality light blue CROCHET HEADBANDS from Wholesale Girls!  Get lovely in light blue with our 1 inch crochet headband. Our quality girls headbands are the perfect match for any outfit. The stretchy crochet material makes for a comfortable fit and also a perfect canvas for new craft ideas. Add embellishments on this light blue girl crochet headband to create cute new looks. Wear to parties, school, or casually around town. Any way you choose, this headband will keep you in style. 


Size options

  • 1" wide (see separate listing for 1.5", 2.5" and 5" wide).

Approximate sizes

  • 1"W x 5.5" L (unstretched)

Recommended ages

  • Infant 
  • Toddler 
  • Teen / Adult

- Machine Washable

- Sold Individually

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