Floppy Sun Hat Orange

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Floppy Sun Hat Orange

FLOPPY SUMMER HATS are a fun wholesale accessory that can be dressed up and down. These orange beach hats come in a variety of colors sure to match any bathing suit or sun dress. With a white stitching design around the 2.5 inch brim and an attached stretch elastic chin strap (can be easily removed) this hat is stylish and comfortable. Attach your favorite yellow or orange wholesale flower for a unique look!

Perfect for Easter, Parades, and special occasions!

Approximate Size:

2.5" Brim
11.5" Total Diameter (6.5" head) 
4" tall

Recommended Ages:

Toddlers 3+

Pick up a an orange 5 inch crystal tropical flower with clip to add volume to this fun, floppy sun hat! Accessorize with the black glamour sunglasses for added style and sun protection!

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