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Boutique with Clip

Boutique with Clip

WHOLESALE BOUTIQUE HAIR BOWS WITH LINED CLIPS: Over the Top Hair Bow Clips and Cute Bows for Hair

Sold in an amazing array of small to large sizes, our selection of stylish boutique hair bows with clips comes in a wide assortment of colors, prints, fabrics, and patterns that are perfect for little girls of all ages. Designed for older girls and those women who wish to make a colorful statement with their hair accessories, our 3-inch, 5.5-inch, and 6-inch boutique hair bows provide a huge splash of colorful fashion. Smaller sizes are perfect for young girls.

Crafted from premium grosgrain ribbon that is heat sealed to avoid frayed ends, our boutique hair bows offer a non-slip hold with lined clips that secure your hair firmly yet gently. From holiday styles (St. Patrick’s Day Sequin and Shamrocks Boutique Bow) to girly fashions (Pink Boutique Hair Bow, Gingham Check Boutique Hair Bow, and Hot Pink Polka Dot Boutique Hair Bow) to frilly designs (Gold Lace Hair Bow with clip, Large Crystal Hair Bow, and Feather Hair Bow with clip), our amazing collection includes some of everything, making it possible to find the perfect boutique bow for any special occasion.

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