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Velvet Hair Bows

Velvet Hair Bows


Who doesn’t like elegant hair accessories? Of course everyone appreciates a classy touch of elegance to adorn a fancy hairstyle! With Wholesale Girls chic velvet headbands, you can make a fashion statement while also controlling unruly curls or wayward locks of hair. Velvet Headbands are perfect to use as fall or winter fashion accessories, blending in with velveteen dresses and woolen coats with graceful ease. The richness of the fabric creates the elegant styling of these velvet headbands, while offering the perfect excuse for buying one in every color.


Wholesale Girls sells two styles of velvet headbands:

  • Stretch velvet headbands
  • Velvet bow with clip and headband


Our stretch velvet headbands offer the comfort and stretchiness of the traditional stretch headband with an added touch of style provided by the velvet fabric. Offering classic luxury, stretch velvet headbands can be worn beneath our classic velvet hats during outdoor wear. If you are looking for a readymade touch of elegance and style, you should consider buying from our velvet bow with clip and headband collection for those memorable occasions that happen throughout the year.


Both styles of VELVET HEADBANDS are sold in red, white, pink, black, and brown.

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