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Polka Dot with Clip

Polka Dot with Clip

Cheap Polka Dot Hair Bow Clips Sold Individaully: WHOLESALE POLKA DOT  BOW HAIR CLIPS and wholesale hair bows for girls

Dress up your little girl’s hair with any one of the polka dot bows available in our three collections. Wholesale Girls offers three popular sizes for their polka dot bows with clips – small, large, and extra large. The different sizes make it easy to find a polka dot hair bow to go with any hairstyle from pigtails to ponytails to up-do styles and down-do styles. Offering a large variety of combinations of colors and polka dots, these gorgeous bows are made from high quality grosgrain ribbon, so they keep their shape and pretty appearance for a long time with the proper care.

Our extra large polka dot hair bows are available in three of the most popular basic colors – white, brown, and black. This makes them easy to match and sophisticated in appearance. Featuring a single prong clip, the extra large polka dot hair bows measure six to seven inches, enough ribbon to gain everyone’s attention and your delight with the final results. Both of our small and large polka dot hair bow collections are available in varied colors, ranging from pastel colors to bright hues to basic shades of black, off white, or white.


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