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Polka Dot Hair Bows with no clip

Polka Dot Hair Bows with no clip

WHOLESALE POLKA DOT GIRLS HAIR BOWS: Cheap Polka Dot Hair Bows, great for DIY hair bows, crafting bows, a must have as a main staple for your hair bow business.

Easy to wear and just as easy to fall in love with, our cheerful polka dot bows are absolutely adorable! Whether you are trying to mix and match accessories for your latest fashion outfit (or your little girl’s new clothes), our polka dot bows offer a terrific medley of options. We have such a flurry of polka dots to suit your fancy – large and small alike. Have fun with one or have fun with all of our styles and colors from the palest pink to the brightest orange to every hue in between. We have many different colors in all, so you see, there truly is a color with you in mind.

Available for bulk purchase, our colorful polka dot bows offer a terrific value as fashion accessories. This style of chic bow is incredibly affordable and easy to wear and store. Crafted from premium grosgrain ribbon, our polka dot bows are sturdy as well as frilly. They hold up well during wear, are easy to attach to almost any item with a bit of hot glue, and are so much fun to wear. Try one of our polka dot bows at a time or combine them together for a great look.

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