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Animal Print no clip

Animal Print no clip

Animal Print Hair Bows For Girls and CUTE BOWS FOR HAIR

For a touch of the wild side of life, add a few animal print hair bows, HAIR BOW CLIPS, wholesale hiar bows for girls into your wardrobe. Made from high quality grosgrain ribbon, our delightful array of small hair bows and large animal print bows is available in zebra, leopard, and giraffe prints. You can choose a white-and-black or white-and-brown animal print or one that features light or hot pink in place of the white color. Our adorable animal print bows are designed as fun accessories that can spice up any outfit, adding a touch of colorful excitement to all kinds of dance, gymnastic, and casual outfits.

Our attractive animal print hair bows are sold in seven great combinations, including Zebra, Light Pink Zebra, Hot Pink Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Bubble Gum Pink Zebra. Animal print never seems to go out of fashion. Girls of all ages can always make a favorable impression wearing one or more of our bright, cheery animal print bows. Why not stand out from the rest of the crowd and have a little fun at the same time with a small or large animal print hair bow crafted from quality ribbon (with or without a readymade clip?

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