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Animal Print w/ clip

Animal Print w/ clip


Call for a Girls Hair Bows when it is time to dress up your hair with a bit of fancy, why not choose one of our adorable animal print bows with clips? These hair clip bows range in size from small to large to extra large, our available selection of attractive animal print bows with clips features basic prints such as white-and-brown and white-and-black animal prints, as well as a fantastic selection of pink-infused animal print bows.

Offering even more pizazz and fun for girls of all ages, our boutique collection of animal print bows with clips offers a gorgeous selection of colorful designs featuring more than one style of ribbon as well as more than one pattern of print. For an extra special girly look, choose one of our pink-infused animal print bows and clip it atop your daughter’s head above her ponytail or hair bun or on the sides of her head above her pigtails. No matter what hairstyle your little girl is wearing, one of these pink-infused animal print bows with clips is going to add a welcome touch of style to her outfit.

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