Lined Arch Headbands - Dozen Pack

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Lined Arch Headbands - Dozen Pack

Our lined arch headbands are a hard headband lined with a silky soft satin-like material that shines beautifully. They are lightweight, comfortable and very flexible. This headband is ready to wear,  or ready for you to adorn & embellish.  Priced right so a great product for resale.  Pick one of our several colors and start creating.   


Enjoy all new, lower pricing! 

Color options

  • 18 colors available

Size options

  • One size

Approximate sizes
4 1/2"W x 5"L x 3/8"D' (headband)

Recommended ages

  • Infant 0-12 months
  • Toddler 1-3 years
  • Teen / Adult

 -Sold by the dozen


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Designed for those women who prefer a sturdy hair accessory, our lined arch headbands offer a nice touch of understated elegance. Available in 18 color options, there’s plenty of variety for you when making your selection of one of these attractive lined arch headbands.

The delicate shine delivered by the satin-like material covering our lined arch headbands makes them perfect for special occasions. They are great to put in party bags as favors for your daughter’s friends too!

Spruce up your daughter’s dance or exercise outfit with a colorful lined arch headband that sparkles in the light. Not only do we offer solid colors, but we have a white-and-black zebra print as well as a hot-pink-and white zebra print. The zebra prints are fashionable and add a nice touch of fun to any casual outfit. Pair them up with any outfit featuring solid colors for a sharp look.

Storing our lined arch headbands is easy. Just hang them over the edge of a container, decorative paper-towel holder, or come up with an idea that keeps them safe from breakage. You can always tie a ribbon around several of these lined arch headbands to keep them all neatly together for easy access.


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