6 Stone Jeweled Center Handmade Fabric Flower

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6 Stone Jeweled Center Handmade Fabric Flower

This gorgeous 100 percent handmade fabric flower arrives with a touch of organza fabric, four layers of petals and a sparkling lead free center jewels. This is an outstanding quality flower and one of our best sellers. Easily attaches to a clips, pins, crafts or headpieces.  Perfect for formal events, wedding parties or photo shoots.  You will be very pleased with this classy, high quality piece.  Huge assortment of colors to choose from, you'll be sure to find one to fit the occasion.

 Color options

  • 34 colors available

 Size options

  • One size

Approximate sizes

  • 3 1/4" diameter
  • 3/4" deep
  • No clip attached


-Sold individually, as is, no refunds or returns.

These are handcrafted flowers. They may have slight variations and imperfections in jewels and fabrics, price reflects these



It couldn't be easier to upgrade an outfit or accessory.  These beautiful handmade flowers are ready to add elegance to any hair accessory or outfit.  These stunning flowers are handcrafted and sewn with delicate layers of silk and organza fabric.  The jewel center is a subtle way to add sparkle and shine. 

Since these flowers come without a clip, you can sew them directly onto clothing or onto a headband.  If you're looking for a low  stress and high impact way to coordinate your accessories add these gorgeous flowers to several items such as a hat and coordinateling brooch or clip on for your handbag.

Imagine the Springtime statement you could make by adding these blooms to a sundress.  You can turn any piece of clothing into a high end boutique piece.  With so many colors you can shoose to coordinate or contrast with a wide variety of fabrics and patterns to change the look of an existing piece of clothing or to create something totally new and unique.

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