2.5 Inch Crochet Headband

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2.5 Inch Crochet Headband

A perennial bestseller at Wholeasale girls our 2.5 inch WHOLESALE CROCHET HEADBANDS for crafting headbands and a DIY baby headband.  These super soft & stretchy cotton blend waffle headband are ready to wear or can be used to craft extra special sports headbands or baby flower headbands.  Add a marabou fluff puff, a bow or a flower with ease, the waffle design allows for easy insertion of the clip, making this the best interchangeable girls headband wholesale we offer.  One size fits all, great for infants up to adults.

Wholesale Girls offers 2.5 Inch Crochet Headbands wholesale, our vast collection includes solid color crochet headbands wholesale fashion accessories that sold by the piece!

We sell high quality headbands at an affordable price, so be sure to stock up on all of our wide selection of colors.

We offer these headbands in 1", 1.5", 2.5" and 5".  See separate listings for available colors and size options.

Size options

  • 2.5" for this item. (see separate listing for 1", 1.5" and 5" as well).

Approximate sizes

  • 2.5" W x 6" L (unstretched)

Recommended ages

  • Infant 0-12 months
  • Toddler 1-3 years
  • Teen / Adult

- Machine Washable

- Sold Individually

While the origin of the headband is not clearly known, it is popularly thought to have derived from other headpieces, including ancient wreaths, scarves, and the headbands on hats. They are commonly used to create a fashion statement, adding a touch of color.

Headbands are the perfect choice for anyone who needs to hold the hair back and keep it out of the eyes, especially during vigorous activities such as dancing, exercising, or playing sports. Our 2.5 inch crochet headbands are perfect for this type of use. They are stretchy and stay in place, keeping your hair from blocking your vision.

Since our 2.5 inch crochet headbands are sold in so many colors, you can wear a different one each day of the week and never repeat the color. Yes, you can even wear a different 2.5 inch crochet headband each day of at least half of the months of the year and always have a differently colored headband.

Just think about all of the times when a headband can come in handy, and you might want to buy quite a few of our 2.5 inch crochet headbands. You can wear them to the gym, school, a picnic, a theme park, a walk around the block, shopping, gardening, walking the dog, and so many more daily activities.



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